You just have to tell us what is the medical procedure that interests you, and if you are interested in traveling to a special place in the country Mexico, an example would be that you were looking for a Bariatric surgery and I have the ease of traveling to the city of Monterrey

Our medical advisors will search for you among the doctors of Monterrey certificates to find you more than one quote and provide you with more information about the history of the treating doctors, such as experience, clinics and hospitals, looking for an accessible plan for you.


Once you can choose one of the options, we will put you in touch with the doctor who will be responsible for your treatment so that you can send him more information about your treatment and prepare everything for the surgery visits.


MDTravel Mexico will look for a package according to your needs, the services of transfer and lodging within the city so that you only have to worry about your health.


MD Travel Mexico will make the appointment for your treatment.

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