Frequently Asked Questions

Once you accept the treatment budget and decide to carry it out, you can pay for your Treatment through our agency in the USA, this will give you advantages such as:
  • Do not travel with cash or several credit cards to Mexico
  • Full refund guarantee in case your treatment is not done
  • Control of possible extra expenses or extra fees that come out of the initial budget
  • Guarantee of no changes once the negotiation is closed
The treating doctor will be responsible for the progress of the treatment carried out and in the event that more than one doctor is involved in your treatment, a responsible doctor will be determined.
Of course, MD Travel will seek to make an agenda so that all travelers can receive medical or dental care, even if everyone requires different specialties.
MD Travel Mexico has an agreement with Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals that offer all-inclusive packages, including transportation from -to the local airports, all you have to do on your own is to reach the destination city.
Once the project is accepted, we can give you list of payments. You can make your payments with debit card, credit card or wiretransfer.

How can I make payments?