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We are a company dedicated to medical and dental tourism, we have qualified advisors that will allow you to see options of certified doctors in Mexico that can perform the medical or dental treatment you need as well as offer you various options so that you get a second medical opinion or dental. we connect patients with the best qualified doctors in Mexico.

  • Improve the budget that you already have negotiating for you with the doctors specialists of the MD Travel network Mexico.
  • We find a dentist or doctor in Mexico that meets the world quality standards at a better price for you.
  • Transportation airport-clinic-lodging (upon request)
  • Interpret Spanish-English (upon request)
  • Complete monitoring of the treatment processes
  • Holding service (recommended) *
  • Family Packages **


The Doctors and Dentists of MDTravel Mexico have signed an agreement of quality and reliability with our company they authorize MDTravel Mexico to receive the deposit of your money in the USA with which the treatment will be paid to the dentist or doctor in Mexico, and we will release your money when you sign the policy of attention with your dentist or doctor when performing the procedure.

If you do not receive the treatment or do not agree with it, we will refund your money.

MDTravel Mexico
MDTravel Mexico
MDTravel Mexico
MDTravel Mexico
MDTravel Mexico


If you travel for medical attention and your family accompanies you and requires some treatment, or tourist package, we will look for a plan according to your needs. Just talk to your MD Travel Mexico advisor.

Why Choose Us?

Save money in your medical and dental treatments

Save money in your medical and dental treatments traveling with md travel Mexico. You will be surprised by the price we can get for you!

Best doctors in Mexico

We get you the best doctors, clinics and hospitals in Mexico with the best prices for you.

Save up to 75%

Dental treatments - save up to 75% of costs in USA.

Other medical treatments

Other medical treatments and studies of Xrays get up to 75%.

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